Saturday, April 18, 2015

Art & Moto 2015


The third edition of the international event Art & Moto will be held on the 24th, 25th and 26th of April 2015 at the LX Factory, in Lisbon. As already well known, the event is based on a lifestyle where the motorbikes cross the worlds of arts, surf, garments and accessories, design, music and even more forms of urban cultures. With free entrance, the event will be running on two buildings of the LX Factory compound.
At the Factory L there will be exhibitions of plastic arts and crafts; at the bigger area, the Factory XL, the visitors will see special designed custom motorbikes, as for example, café racers, scramblers, street trackers and other similar, as well as the last models of the biggest motorcycle brands, side to side with the best actual Portuguese builders, who will also be present with their latest works. Also in Factory XL, and to complement the urban lifestyle culture, the event will have the presence of surf and casual garments, technical equipment and motorbike accessories, surfboards, personalized helmets and many more products and activities from national and international creators. DJ sets and live concerts will be also happening during the days of the event. Another great part of these three days of the Art & Moto will be the exhibition, on a closed parking, of the motorbikes from the own visitors, with many of them in the same line of what is being done at some of the best ateliers in the world. It will be an additional great point of interest of the event.

A special photo studio set will be available for everyone interested to take high quality pictures from their own motorbikes.
On Friday, the 24th of April, there will be a big opening party, on a venue to be announced, where everyone can register for a ride to a lunch outside Lisbon on the next day. The exhibition areas will be closed during this day, but they will all open on Saturday the 25th, right after lunchtime. On the 26th of April, another celebration morning ride to Lisbon outskirts, with an art exhibition, catering, live music, motorbikes and other things the participants could enjoy in the area.

The event production is responsibility of the Portuguese forum Café Racer 351 and the online shop 351Works. More and continuously updated information is available on and to be also followed on Soon, the detailed schedule and the list of participants will be available.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Robert Adamo Photography


Robert Adamo's got the outdoorsy charm of Dalniel Boone, the Rock'n Roll attitude of a Vince Neil, and the creative precision of a Richard Avedon. Rob's style is craftman chic, it's down-home sophistication, it's high end grit. He's just as comfortable remodeling his log cabin studio as he is shooting an editorial layout for a fashion magazine.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Joseph Anthony Lawrence Photographer


Joseph Anthony Lawrence, best known as Joey L., is a Canadian-born photographer and director based in Brooklyn, New York. Having borrowed his father’s digital point-and-shoot camera at the age of 10, Joey turned to photography as a means of expressing his creativity, which ultimately transformed into a lifelong passion.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

BMW R65 by Ellaspede Bikes


Sandy's BMW R65 by Ellaspede. No comment, see more Here

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Graceless Revenge by Franck "Castrol" Samery


What can we do to stretch some tools ? After many restoration like a Norton Dominator 88, a pre-unit Triton, BSA DBD34, Triumph T100 Alloy and and Rudge Racer 1929 Frank decided it was time to build his proper custom.. the bobber..

This connoisseur of English mechanics, its variations and developments related thereto, had in mind a motorcycle very faithful, reliable with some personal touches.
To start, the project will be a stock market frame Triumph T120 1963replaced by a rigid hard tail from Factory Metal Works. the hard tail's specs will not be dictated lightly, but like everything else, the result of a reflection on the coherence, both mechanical and history of the project. So stretch 2.5 and 2 drop, the perfect balance for the pair of 18-inch wheels that will link the "graceless" to  the ground.

Once the framework is done, with engine to run ? This is where the network of our friend will go into action in the person of Frank Charriaut, this flamboyant character in the world of classical motorcycle, creator and host of Mot'Art Journal downright offered him the Triumph T140 engine.
This is a 750cc block, (oil in the frame) that our manufacturer will again top to bottom, all bearings, pistons, a gearbox (5-for T140V) everything will be reviewed with two Amal Monobloc carbs . The cylinder passes in matt black, some fins are sanded to give a dynamic to the cylinder head. The exhaust line, a 2 in which a hand on the left side is completely home-made. Not pretty satisfied with  the appearance of its welds, he finished his job by the methodical and careful application of a black thermal tape. The saddle Biltwell ordered from Lowbrow is chosen "diamond finish", the front light is a traditional bates, but the licence plate holder and rear fender stays are handmade. Footrests come from Factory Metal Works catalog but kick pedal has been stripped from a 30's bicycle with axle and bearings mounted adaptation.

If there is no front fender, the one who tries to keep the rider's ass clean will be developed on the bench and is handmade done.  now time to handcraft the oil tank ... the oil tank is designed and manufactured home again during long working days.
Lowbrow Custom also provided the petrol tank and the color has been chosen with attention This gray has the name of  "gris Medicis" is the one that covered the Renault 4CV a french vintage car.
A personal logo is done, printed out by Stickersdeluxe completes this aesthetic choice. The black handlebar is homemade too, beautiful gray grips hide left a Solex clutch lever.
Front Spool hub means no front brake. Finally a Joe Hunt is in the pipeline planned, but a Boyer ignition has been mounted, as week as two off road  tyres
Great job, a lot of know-how, some inspiration... these are the ingredients for a successful bike. This bobber is the evidence.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Stan Evans Photographer


Stan Evans is a freelance photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. His life behind the lens began as an awe-struck teenager in Alaska. Since then, his camera has led him on a quest around the world in pursuit of the wonderful and the weird. Evans' 18 years as a professional photographer have taken him deep into the world's most stunning mountain ranges and to locales as varied and remote as Kenya, Switzerland and beyond. Be it an ad campaign, a feature, imagery for a non-profit or a one-off day rate, he comes with the experience and education (BFA MSU '96 Aside from his expansive still photography portfolio, Evans has conceived, directed and/or produced numerous HD commercials for clients such as Kicker and BMW-Triumph of Salt Lake. In 2009, Evans produced STANCE, the most innovative women's snowboarding project ever undertaken internationally. In 2010, in partnership with Oakley and Red Bull, he headed up Say My Name, the world's first film project centered on a female pro skier, Grete Eliassen. It received world wide recognition and was awarded the best female performance from ESPN, Powder Magazine and the International Freeski Film Festival (Evans was also behind Eliassen's World Record Hip Jump with Red Bull.) Stan is always looking for new opportunities to challenge himself and express his unique vision. He brings enormous energy to all of his projects.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

1972 Alex's BMW R 60/5


Last of the BMW kick starter. All /5 models had both an electric starter and a kickstart pedal. Kickstarts were discontinued on some subsequent models, but kickstarts remained intermittently present up to model year 1980. Having electric starting and telescopic forks, the "slash-5" series was a significant advance over BMW's earlier rather utilitarian motorcycles, and the new bikes appealed to the emerging market for recreational motorcycles.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Butler & Smith BMW Racer


BMW MotorSport-framed Butler & Smith Formula 750 Grand Prix bike campaigned in 1973. Rider #17 was Justus Taylor from Vermont. The 1974 version of the Rob North Framed F-750 GP bikes campaigned by Butler & Smith. This bike had titanium valves, roller cam, all kinds of cool stuff. Made over 100 HP at 10,500 RPM. Ridden by #63, Reg Pridmore, of Goleta, Californi. Read more

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Off Road Teardrop Trailer


Specially built for Off The Grid Rentals is the Socal Teardrops “Krawler” with 35 inch Falken all terrain tires on Method Race Wheels. A full size mattress provides sleeping space for 2 adults and with the addition of an optional roof top tent, you have space for a family of 5. Take the whole family along and have a comfortable spot for everyone.