Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A day in Pau Arnos # 2 Seeley & Triumph


August 24th 2014, A day in Pau Arnos # 2 Seeley & Triumph

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sammy Miller's Ariel GON 786 trial test

A few days ago I had the Good surprise to receive an email from Mister Justyn Norek (Senior) sending me these Amazing pictures of this Iconic Ariel GON 786. A great photographer shooting his Son on such an Iconic bike, what eslse ...

All pictures by Justyn Norek Senior - Test Rider Justyn Norek Junior.

When trials enthousiasts think about history of motorcycle trials, they think "Sammy Miller", and when you think Sammy Miller you think "ARIEL". This motorcycle is such important icon and milestone in trials. It really seperates two eras of trials history, pre 65 and after. This is so, as genius of Sammy Miller has brought his Ariel to apogeum of technical development, and than killed it with two stroke Bultaco Sherpa. Another incredible project that created another Icon of Design. Coming back to Ariel story, only two original bikes exist, they had registration numbers GOV 132 and second one has GON 786. Both were extensively used in competiotion by Sammy,even if more "famous" is GOV 132, which was more frequently used in trials and photographed, while it's twin brother GON 786 was kind of spare machine and source of spare parts as well, but was technically developed to identical level.

Justyn Norek Senior just retired from his work as a car Designer and was before a Motocross GP Photographer between 1965 and 1975. His son Justyn Norek Junior is one of the Top Italian MTB Downhill Racer.

Monday, August 25, 2014

A day in Pau Arnos # 1 Norton - Triumph


August 24th 2014, A day in Pau Arnos # 1 - Norton - Triumph

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Norvin Racers


No comment. © Guy Walsh

Friday, August 22, 2014

1939 Harley-Davidson FLH with a Sidecar


This is a mostly original 1939 Harley-Davidson FLH with a sidecar that has been in California since the early 90’s and owned by the current owner since 1980. He purchased this fine machine from his brother in 1980 and the family is unsure how long the brother had it. Via :

Motors & Soul - September 2014


Les 6 et 7 septembre, ne manquez pas le grand rendez-vous de la rentrée organisé par Virage8. Au programme - Des Balades Quotidiennes sur les plus belles routes de la région - La présence de Philippe Gürel et de Frank Margerin qui dédicaceront leurs albums - Des expositions d'Artistes avec entre autres les cuirs peints de Bibichon De Paname et les photos de Götz Göppert - Le concert Blues-Rock des Magnitoz - Une tombola dotée de nombreux lots offerts par nos partenaires - La présentation des motos Indian, Victory, Triumph - Les préparations de Moto Officina, Elegant Apparatus et Galz Motorcycles - Le concours de la plus belle auto et de la plus belle moto doté, lui aussi, de nombreux lots Rafraîchissements et restauration assurés sur place Inscription à l'avance recommandée VENEZ NOMBREUX !

Thursday, August 21, 2014

UhainaPo "TearDrops" made in the Basque Country


Born in the heart of the Basques Country UhainaPo is to Classic Surfboard Spirit what a Stradivarius is in the world of violin.Surfboards, paddles, longboard, bodyboard, Hawaiian canoes UhainaPo offers the intact pleasure of a real authentic surf. Manufactured with the same requirements as UhainaPo products, TearDrops Uhainapo Travel will allow you to travel in comfort and respect for nature.